Private enterprise “TD TAM” is the official dealer of JSC “Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant” (Russia), as well as a representative of a number of European metallurgical enterprises for the implementation of flat rolled metal products in Ukraine. In the presence of more than 2000 tons of sheet metal, ordinary, low alloy, alloyed, structural, tool and other steel grades.

We cut sheets with thickness up to 200 mm on a CNC cutting machine. Possible work under the order – the conditions are stipulated additionally. We complete the need of enterprises for sheet metal products and the following steel grades, according to the applications:

Stainless steels.
Wear-resistant and high-strength grades of steel.
Tool steels for casting of plastics.
Other structural steel grades.
Carbon steel for various applications.
Cold-rolled sheets for steel grade 65G (66Mn4 / 1.1260)
The prices are negotiable. The price policy depends on the quantity of rolled metal ordered,

conditions of cutting and thickness of sheets, conditions of delivery of the goods. On the shipment of the goods, there is a system of discounts. There is always an opportunity to agree on a price policy.

We respond to your requests promptly. For any questions, you can get comprehensive information from our employees by phone. You can get the metal in our warehouse on the next day after payment, and when cutting – in one working day.

We will be glad to cooperate with your company.