Mining/turning works in Dnipro

Turning metal parts mechanically on a special machine is nothing but turning works.

We offer services for metal turning to Ukrainian enterprises.

Private CNC turning is one of the main metalworking services of our company. Our workshop is a team of highly qualified turners and machine operators, as well as the most modern equipment.

Turning work with metal billets according to the type of surface to be processed is classified according to the following criteria:

Turning - external surface treatment;
Boring - internal surface treatment;
Trimming - flat surface treatment;
Cutting - dividing a workpiece into two pieces of different or the same size.

Turning machine is in demand among numerous companies and private customers.

You can order such turning works from us as:

  • External cylindrical surface treatment;
  • Working with tapered surfaces;
  • Turning the end face or shoulder;
  • Grooving and cutting of billets;
  • Shaped product processing;
  • Rolling a corrugated surface;
  • Hole making, countersinking and reaming;
  • Threading.

What you need to order a turning service

We carry out one-time orders and invite for cooperation enterprises that constantly need turning services, due to the lack of their own turning shops, manufacturers of special equipment, metal structures, etc.

Turning works can be carried out according to diagrams, sketches or sample models, which are provided to our specialists by customers, or according to standard samples for a certain type of parts.

If necessary, we take on urgent turning work and making it without scrap!

We work with various steel alloys. We manufacture spare parts for various equipment.

Nuances of turning

Turning of metal billets has its own specifics. The fact is that all turning tools and working bodies of machine tools are rotating nozzles, with which you can turn those parts that are shaped for these elements of rotation: these are hollow cylinders and cones, washers with holes, etc.

Turning work on metal is carried out as follows - the part is fixed on the machine, and a rotating element with the hardest diamond nozzle removes the surface layer of the metal in the form of the finest shavings - until the part acquires the required shape. In addition, turning is often the final stage of preliminary trimming or other metalworking, after which smoothness of the metal surface is required.

Turning work on CNC machines

To carry out turning work to order, we have metalworking machines of various types, including those with numerical control (CNC), where a computer program is responsible for the accuracy of the work. Therefore, we take on orders for metalworking of any type and level of complexity.

All turning work on CNC machines is made by professionals. Our company has its own production facilities and modern equipment. The employees perform roughing, finishing and fine turning operations.

When performing roughing, it performs end trimming, hole centering, drilling, turning and boring of the inner and outer surfaces. In case of ordering a finishing treatment including, a specialist gives the product shape and surface roughness in accordance with the statement of work.

The capacities of our organization make it possible to produce parts or dismantle sources according to unique parameters. At your service are qualified workers with extensive experience in the field of work with billets. They can obtain accurate results, which are achieved in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer.

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