Drilling and jig boring works

The range of services of TD TAM ChP for cold metalworking includes the manufacture and processing of parts on boring and drilling machines.

For us to take the order for work, the client must provide an accurate diagram, model or sample of the part or product that is required as the result.

Types of drilling and boring works performed:

  • blind and through drilling of any diameter;
  • countersinking (increasing the diameter of the holes);
  • threading in holes of any diameter;
  • boring holes;
  • turning the end faces of the holes;
  • reaming holes.

We carry out both small-scale repair work and processing of products in large batches. Our production allows us to fulfill large orders of industrial enterprises. Promptly, efficiently, on time.

How these types of work are performed on our equipment

Drilling is about making holes in metal sheets and finished parts. This process on our modern CNC equipment is automated as much as possible - information is entered into the machine's program of work (at which points of the part what kind of holes should appear): and they are drilled with maximum accuracy. When drilling on such machines, additional cooling is used in an oil or water liquid environment - thanks to this, our equipment practically eliminates production defects.

Jig boring is a whole complex of processes that are needed to obtain the final shape of one or another large metal workpiece. Those turning and boring works that we perform are actually boring, drilling holes, making threads on cylinders and holes (that is, we are talking about internal and external threads), trimming the end faces of workpieces, as well as milling – cylindrical and end.

The advantage of those machines on which we carry out boring work is that one machine allows you to bring the part to the finish, and for this it does not have to be removed and rearranged to other machine equipment, which significantly reduces the time for working on orders. A feature of this type of equipment is that a vertical or horizontal spindle, that makes an axial feed movement, is installed on it. And the cutting tool necessary for one or another type of processing is already fixed in the spindle bore: it can be a drill or a milling cutter, a countersink or a boring bar equipped with cutters, etc.

The modern CNC metalworking machines available at the enterprise allow turning and milling operations. Also, at our production facilities, high-quality heat treatment of metals is carried out using various technologies.

We take the implementation of both single individual and serial orders, and we can also offer constant cooperation and the implementation of listed above works in large volumes.

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