Heat treatment of steel

TD TAM ChP is a supplier of rolled metal products and a metalworking company. We work all over Ukraine. We offer sheet metal products for sale, as well as provide services for the main types of heat treatment of steel and metal products.

Our steel heat treatment services

You can order the following metal heat treatment services from us:

1. Steel quenching

This heat treatment of the steel aims to increase the strength of the material. There are several ways of it.

We carry out high quality volumetric hardening. The essence of this technology is that when heated, not only the upper layers, but also the deep part of metal sheets or forms become more wear-resistant and hard.

In this case, two different methods are used - for carbon steel grades and for alloyed ones. In the first case, during volumetric quenching, we cool the steel in water, and in the second - in oil, immersing the parts in these liquid media until the metal has completely cooled. According to this method, our equipment is used for heat treatment of steel 40x, 45 and other grades.

2. Microarc Heating

This heat treatment of metals and alloys is aimed at saturating their surface layers with carbon. After the metal has been enriched with carbon, it is quenched and low tempered. As a result, the surface of the metal product acquires a higher endurance barrier, and the wear resistance parameter of the metal is improved.

It is recommended to harden steel parts with 0.1-0.3% carbon content - then the core of such parts after the hardening process remains high viscosity.

3. Annealing of metals

This type of heat treatment of steels involves heating steel products to strictly calculated temperatures and their subsequent holding and slow cooling.

Four types of annealing are performed at our enterprise: diffusion, low, granular perlite and full annealing.

Such heat treatment of carbon steels solves various problems: for example, obtaining a more homogeneous metal structure in already cast parts, eliminating internal stresses in the metal, reducing the level of its hardness for subsequent machining, reducing the resulting grain size because of previous technological operations, and so on.

4. Air Quenching of metals, steels

This type of heat treatment of steel products is close to annealing.

The main difference is that, during normalization, the quenched metal cools in air, and during annealing, it cools in a furnace.

The price of this service is not high, therefore it is in frequent demand among our clients.

5. Steel nitrogenation

This heat treatment of metals is aimed at saturating them with ammonia. The process consists in heating steel or alloy to a temperature of 600-700 degrees Celsius and further keeping it in an atmosphere of saturated ammonia.

This type of heat treatment of steel gives it increased hardness and reliability, excellent resistance to corrosion in water, steam, aggressive environment.

Nitrided metals or metal products are actively used in mechanical engineering and successfully extend the service life of spare parts and mechanisms.

In the same way, we also produce heat treatment of gears and shafts, which you can also order from us in Dnipro.

We offer cooperation to various machine- and instrument-making companies, private enterprises for the repair, assembly and design of various metal elements and mechanisms, etc.

Also, our company provides other metalworking services: turning and milling metal processing, and its cutting in various ways. It is possible both continued cooperation and one-time orders, which we take.

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