Plasma cutting of metal

A modern technology that allows you to quickly cut rolled metal into parts of the right shape is plasma metal cutting.

We offer plasma cutting services for enterprises that require sheet metal parts of various steel grades.

There is a whole list of reasons why plasma cutting of metal is one of the best modern technologies for cutting sheet metal:

In this way, it is possible to easily cut large thicknesses of metal plates, beams, rails and other elements.

Gas-plasma cutting of metal significantly reduces the risk of spoiling the workpiece in the process of working with it. The percentage of scrap in finished metal products obtained by this method is usually significantly lower than in rolled products processed by other methods.

Plasma cutting of stainless steel is the technology that allows you to immediately get a clean, precise, impeccable cut – as this is not a mechanical one, but the result of melting. That smoothness of cuts and edges eliminates the need for additional processing - thus significantly reducing the time required.

In general, flame cutting technology is one of the fastest ways to work with metals. Therefore, we use plasma cutting when we receive orders from customers with tight deadlines.

How metal is cut with plasma

Plasma cutting of sheet metal is performed as follows. The compressed plasma arc heats the metal above its melting point at the local point where the cut should go. As a result, it forms a melt, but the plasma jet removes it from the place where the edges of the cut should be.

Plasma cutting can be used for various grades of low, medium and high alloyed steels, including stainless.

TD TAM ChP offers to order services of plasma cutting of a sheet, the thickness of which is at least 0.5 and maximum 250 millimeters. Cutting is performed both according to standard and individual schemes and drawings.

The cost and timing of a specific order are calculated by our company individually for each specific customer, since there are always nuances - the complexity of the work, the features of the metal and other points.

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