Flame cutting of metal

We offer the service of flame cutting of metal to enterprises of various profiles: those producing various mechanisms, metal elements for construction or decorative purposes, those who need casting molds and patterns, etc.

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Oxy-fuel cutting of metal: advantages

  • Low cost of this type of metalworking for customers.
  • The thickness of the metal object being flame cut can be significant (maximum 25 cm for steel) - this is the difference between this metal cutting method and various mechanical cutting and turning technologies.
  • It is possible to cut metal plates using the oxy-fuel method both in a straight line and at a certain angle.
  • This method of processing large metal elements is quite fast.
  • After flame cutting, metal parts can be treated by other types of mechanical and heat treatment.

The application of this technology is relevant for many enterprises working with sheet metal.

The total cost of each order is calculated individually - depending on the amount of work, the characteristics of metal raw materials and other factors affecting the labor intensity of the process.

How metal is cut with gas

Cutting metal with gas - this is the name of the process of making cuts on a metal sheet, plate or other object by directing a jet of oxygen at the metal and igniting it. As you know, the presence of oxygen and high temperature gives rise to combustion. If a mixture of gas and oxygen is directed at the metal, then it will heat up to the ignition temperature. And when a directed stream of pure oxygen falls on a heated place, a flame of a sufficiently high temperature will arise, sufficient to ignite the metal itself and convert it into oxides. These oxides are blown out of the cut with the same oxygen jet. This is how gas cutting of metal takes place, which can be ordered from the private enterprise TD TAM.

Metal alloys that can be cut in this way are carbon medium and low alloyed steel grades used for various industrial needs.

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