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Buy metal rolling in Dnipro and Ukraine

Supplier of rolled metal products TD TAM ChP offers a wide range of sheet metal products - these are various grades of steel.

There are two main types of sheet metal - hot-rolled and cold-rolled (the difference is in the temperature regime when steel is rolled into sheets). Also, sheet metal differs in what treatment was applied to steel - for example, carbon enrichment, alloying, etc.

Stainless steel grades

There are several grades of steel that do not corrode. These include 08-12X18H10T - if you decipher this marking, then it will turn out, that this grade of steel is familiar food "stainless steel" used in the manufacture of dishes and is distinguished by resistance to various acids.

But sometimes a stainless-steel sheet with the best strength characteristics is also needed – this can be, for example, a steel sheet 40X13 of the martensitic class, which is suitable for casting under pressure.

Assortment of alloy steels, offered by TD TAM ChP

We offer our customers metal sheets (Dnipro) of the following types:

  • structural alloy steel.
    It is applicable for various structures - since its surface layers are stronger and more resistant to abrasion and wearout than the metal sheet itself in its core.
  • • Steel, in the manufacture of which microalloying with boron was applied.
  • Low-alloyed leaf-spring steel alloy.
    Designed to operate under shock-free conditions but has very good wear resistance. The peculiarity of such sheet steel is the so-called increased yield stress - that is, a deformed hot-rolled sheet or a strip of such metal is unbent to its original position: springing.
  • Tool alloy steel.
    Cold-rolled sheet of such steel has good wear characteristics. Also, this material is elastic and durable - "metal fatigue" at a certain stress is achieved for a long time.

Also, in the range of products of our company there are several grades of carbon steel..

About structural and tool steel types

It should be said about the difference between structural and tool steel grades. If structural varieties, with general wear resistance, have the worst performance in fine processing and deformation, then they are more often used in sheets or strips, in various structures and buildings.

Tool steel, on the other hand, is optimal for various subsequent machining and manufacturing of various kinds of parts: these alloys behave better in turning, milling and other processes. However, it is worth considering whether a particular steel grade involves trimming using tools, that work by heating the incisal edge - for example, this is U-8A carbon steel, which belongs to tool grades.

We offer to buy sheet steel from TD TAM ChP in Dnipro

If you are interested in the sale of rolled metal, and you are looking for a supplier of sheet metal with quality goods at reasonable prices, please contact our company. Our customers can buy a sheet of metal of a certain grade in wholesale volumes by calling:

  • 050-400-08-84
  • 098-181-69-58

We cooperate both with customers from the city of Dnipro, where our production facilities are located, and with customers from other cities of Ukraine.

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